We are living in interesting times. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives this past year, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are focusing on membership recruitment and member networking opportunities. What we are missing is you! Your involvement in the HBA secures your voice in the future of your livelihood.

The Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC) is built on a foundation of local associations and individual members. When you first joined your local association, what was it you were hoping to get out of your membership? Was it networking opportunities, the chance to save some money through our member benefit programs, or to have someone defending you at the local, state and national level when decisions were being made about regulations impacting your industry? Whatever the reason was, I’m sure you have become aware of how your HBA membership has become a valuable part of your toolkit. Our members are the reason our associations exist. Like many of you I only take part of a handful of the benefits offered to me and my company because I’m unaware of all that is available to me. I believe the HBASC needs to focus on sharing the multitude of benefits available to them. I’ve asked that this issue of the S.C. Builder Journal highlight some of the benefits and opportunities offered to our members to highlight the return on investment your membership could and should be participating in.

While we enjoy in all the benefits the local, state and national associations offer I also believe we must ask a question as a member. What have I done to become more involved in my local association? There is a point in time when you stop asking “what is in it for me,” and start asking what you can do for your industry. This is your trade, your livelihood, your state and your home. What could you do to help the construction industry and HBA preserve and protect it? This is a member driven trade association and our continued path of prosperity rests on all members. Not just the few. Be involved and be part of the solution.

Wayne Moore
President, HBASC