• Back and bigger than ever!
    As the 2018 OK Building Summit & Expo draws near, we are as excited as ever to make this event the best one yet! We already have over half of the Expo booths sold and are lining up some of the best speakers in the country.
  • Hard Hat to Ball Cap
    As owner of your own construction or design/build business, how many hats do you wear? Hiring manager? Concept designer? Jobsite supervisor? Accountant? Demolition expert? The responsibilities can seem endless at times, and the knowledge that the buck stops with you may be overwhelming. How can you manage a successful business and a personal life at the same time? This hot-button question has the experts scratching their heads, too.

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  • State Rep's Report
    This is the year of the member and membership Randy Noel 2018 NAHB has made this A cornerstone of his chairmanship is to focus on growing the locals and focusing on the value of membership. And asking the members to recruit new members.
  • Associates Council Chair Report

    Associates Council Chair Report

    Our National delegate, Connie Stokes reported that Oklahoma has met our Build-PAC goal, so now we share in the split-back program where NAHB returns a portion of national dues received for the remainder of the year. NAHB is listening to Oklahoma because of our Build-PAC participation status, and Washington is listening to NAHB.
  • By All Means
    Another “feel good” story was on everyone’s lips this morning as I was preparing this issue’s column. A two-time walk-on football player, who won the Heisman trophy, was this year’s #1 overall draft pick. Quite the remarkable achievement for Baker Mayfield, a guy who loves the game of football and plays it well.
  • President's First Word
    It’s spring again and with it comes our associations annual day at the State Capitol and our spring board meeting. Last year we had a record number of attendees with almost 90 participants. This year we had about 40,000 Attendees. The problem was they were not OSHBA members. Yes, we had to cancel our day at the Capitol this year due to the statewide teacher walkout.
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