It’s spring again and with it comes our associations annual day at the State Capitol and our spring board meeting. Last year we had a record number of attendees with almost 90 participants. This year we had about 40,000 Attendees. The problem was they were not OSHBA members. Yes, we had to cancel our day at the Capitol this year due to the statewide teacher walkout.

There were so many at the capitol that we would not have been able to get in the day we scheduled. I hope you will use this example of how powerful numbers can be. The teachers made huge strides by showing up and taking a stand. It reminds us all that the legislators are elected by us and are there to represent us. And if they don’t serve us well, then we have the power to replace them. Many of the bills that are pushed through the legislative process are the result of just one person wanting a bill for a particular reason. If our legislators don’t hear from us, then they have no way of knowing how we feel about a specific bill or in many cases if it is even a good bill or not. Make sure your legislator hears from you about the issues that affect our industry. By using Voter Voice, you can let them know that you care. It’s fast and easy! Next time you get an email that’s titled “Quick Action,” please do your part.

Last fall the OSHBA state board approved in the budget, funds to spend on promoting Certified Professional Builders in the State. We are working on a new website for promotion and specifically targeting advertising on social media.

CPB’s already get a 5% discount on their GL insurance, and we are working to get 10% by the end of the year. Every builder in the state should want to be a Certified Professional Builder. If you don’t know what a CPB is, call the state office and get the information you need to get certified today.

We are fast approaching this
year’s OK Building Summit & Expo
in September.

This year’s meeting is a little earlier than usual. It is September 5th and 6th in Oklahoma City at the Cox Convention Center. Our classes and schedules have been set, and registration is open. Along with a full house of vendors displaying their products on the show floor, here are some of the classes and instructors for this year’s event.

On day one we will have a return engagement by Scott Sedam. Scott is the President of TrueNorth. A Global Provider of Lean Process and Methods to the Construction Industry. Scott will be teaching us about Lean Building Methods. He is a highly sought-after speaker whom we are pleased to welcome to Oklahoma again.

On day two Gordon Cooke with Construction Instruction is our featured Speaker on construction science issues.

Also on day two Dennis Dixon, a custom home builder/instructor will speak on finding hidden profits.

I hope you all have a prosperous and safe summer and we will see you all at the Summit in September.