Another “feel good” story was on everyone’s lips this morning as I was preparing this issue’s column. A two-time walk-on football player, who won the Heisman trophy, was this year’s #1 overall draft pick. Quite the remarkable achievement for Baker Mayfield, a guy who loves the game of football and plays it well.

Many consider politics a game. It is a business of give and take, with winners and losers, so in that sense, politics is a game.

How well do you play it?

Every time you pull a permit, get plans approved, or negotiate with a vendor, you participate in the game of politics. While you may not think it is, these actions are governed by some elected official and the decisions they have made.

Well let me give you one scorecard. That is our, and by that I mean us as an association, usage of voterVOICE. Every president of OSHBA has at one time or another during their year of service, has issued a clarion call to members to use voterVOICE. It takes just a few seconds to respond to an action alert.

Our scorecard makes me think of the Cleveland Browns. Yes, they just drafted Baker Mayfield. But their record last year was 0-16. The last 3 years, 4-44.

So the below graphs tell an interesting story. Roughly 75% of you didn’t open the email. That means 25% did. In email marketing they say that is a great open rate.

But I’m not selling anything. I’m asking you to take a couple of seconds and protect your industry, your business.

Even sadder is out of the 25% that opened the emails, only 25% of them bothered to do something! That isn’t you is it?

Now, to be fair, this was just one issue.

President Blackburn mentioned the teachers that participated in the walkout. Pretty impressive turnout. They were able to play the political game and this year scored a touchdown.

Because of their actions, we had a record number of people filing for office. The legislators are getting their work done early so they can get back to their districts and campaign.

There will be a lot of new legislators next year. If we take the time to connect with them, they will get to know us and know our issues.

Think of the impact you can have once those elected assume office. If we simply doubled our participation we could have an enormous influence on legislation that affects our industry.

A team that doesn’t play well, doesn’t have success. Let’s resolve to play better.