With members busier than ever and projections showing that finding workers will be the industry’s number one issue for years to come, your state association modified the purpose of its charitable education organization this past year. Its focus now is on educating people about the great career opportunities that exist in residential construction. This work has included the gathering of career and wage information for virtually every job in the industry. It has included the collection of resources those in the building industry can leverage to find workers. And, it has included participation at career fairs and events across the state to spread the word.

Looking for and recruiting employees is all about networking. Get to know the resources in your community that can help you. Networking can save you time and resources when you are building your team. Keep in touch with the education and networking organizations that can help you. A list of schools, veterans’ organizations and others can be found by going to www.skilledtobuildmichigan.com and clicking on the RESOURCES tab.

When looking at these resources, if you are fortunate to have a K-12 career technical program in your area, we would encourage you to become involved with the construction program at your area school. Students in these programs will have the basic skills needed to become excellent employees. They are the future of our industry. Get to know the instructor(s). They will be your best friend if you want to hire a student – they know who the workers are. 

The Home Builders Association of Michigan is projecting a 25% increase in building permits this year, and the need for some 5,333 additional employees. As the feature article in this magazine points out, how can your company stand out? Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation has partnered with the HBA of Southeast Michigan to make a new jobs board available to all HBA members across the state. This site careers.builders.org is a tool we believe will not only help members find workers, but spread greater awareness about the significant number of residential construction job opportunities that are out there.

This job board grant and other investments made by the Skilled-to-Build Michigan Foundation are only possible with the financial support of those in the industry. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution today. Checks can be made out to Skilled-to-Build Michigan Foundation and mailed to 6427 Centurion, Ste 150B, Lansing, MI 48917.

Lastly, if you are willing to invest some time into hiring a veteran, a parolee or others who might need someone to help give them a second chance, please contact Dawn Crandall at the Skilled-to-Build Foundation. She is developing a list of members who are willing to stretch beyond traditional pathways to find workers. She can be reached at 517-646-2567.