Photo Courtesy of TruStile
Photo Courtesy of TruStile

Style Trends for Home Interiors

As the majority of designers on both the East and West coasts lean towards the contemporary style for home interiors, this trend is beginning to take root in other parts of the country. The fact that we live in a digitally connected world means that as soon as designers in New York and California upload images of their latest projects, everyone in Georgia immediately becomes aware of these trends as well.

It is understandable that sleek modern styling has become increasingly influential in the design of home interiors in Georgia today, even though the home’s architecture may be Cottage, Victorian, Tudor, Colonial, Craftsman or Ranch. Several in-depth research studies conducted by Trulia, American Home Shield and indicate that historic home styles are still very popular in the South, and many homeowners in our state continue to choose these iconic styles when they buy a new or remodeled home.

Interestingly enough, if you tour the kitchens and baths in these new homes, you will notice that typically the cabinets, tile, flooring and paint colors display the imprint of modern aesthetics. Consider how kitchen cabinets years ago featured complex raised-panel doors, often with elegant arches and curvilinear features. Now they are usually designed with simple Shaker style or flat-panel cabinet doors. These classic, clean lines go well with just about any decor, from traditional to transitional and contemporary. The blending of old and new home styles, such as the modern farmhouse look, has contributed to this trend.

What Is New for Interior Doors

These same trends are influencing the selection of interior doors for homes today. In place of the standard six-raised-panel interior doors that are usually installed in a traditional style home, doors with modern styling can add unique character and warmth to the interior of the homes you build. The doors feature clean lines with eye-catching geometry that can either take on a very dramatic or a more subtle look, depending on your preference and the effect you wish to deliver. Using the latest squared hardware for the door handle repeats the geometric details.

Modern styled doors are constructed from a variety of wood species, such as walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany and more. The wood can be highlighted with a variety of finishes, from deep tones to medium shades. The straight lines of these doors can go a long way towards emphasizing the beautiful natural wood grain, or if preferred the wood grain can be minimized to obtain a smoother appearance. Additional decorative highlights may be incorporated, such as metallic inlays, decorative glass, and leather. Details such as reed glass and copper metallic accents fit in well with a more classic look.

In many new homes, interior doors with modern styling are designed to be focal points that stand out in comparison to the surrounding neutral or white walls, rather than simply blending in. Colorfully painted doors or doors given a rich, dark stain make a statement. Also remember that uniformity is not a requirement and interior doors should never be an afterthought. Attractively mixing up multiple door styles and colors throughout the interior so that every opening is interesting, will make the home you build impactful and irresistible.