The dues you pay to the Wisconsin Builders Association help us advocate for pro-housing, pro-business policies throughout Wisconsin, but they also do so much more. Did you know that, as a WBA member, you have access to a variety of benefits and discounts that promise real, dollar value returns on your dues? And we’re not talking pennies, either – most of our programs will zero out the cost of your dues and then some! Here’s a current list of our affinity partnerships, which are here to assist you (and the association, too):

WBA Member Rebate Program (HBA Rebates):
For builder members, savings on leading manufacturer brands, no receipts required. Average WBA member participant saves $1157 per quarter.

Small Business Growth Partners: Small business coaching, $350-$550 in savings for complimentary assessment services.

WBA Insurance Services: 20% average savings on member-exclusive business insurance plans and products.

Paragon Marketing Group: 10% off videos, website, and designs.

Snazzy Traveler: Discounts up to 75% off airfare, hotels, car rentals, and more with no blackout dates or restrictions—a service typically costing $99/year complimentary for WBA members.

Home Builders University:
Average savings of $15 per course for continuing education credits.

Another way you save as a WBA member is through our complimentary legal, building code, and safety hotline, with $100 average savings per legal call and $35 average savings per building code call. Our regularly updated, legally vetted construction and remodeling contracts are also worth over $6000 and are free for use by our members.

As a WBA member, you’re not only making an investment in your industry, but an investment in yourself that will pay you back!