In October, the Wisconsin Builders Association took its first step into the future of association meetings by hosting a Virtual Member Meeting Day at the Pyle Center on the UW campus in downtown Madison. The entire day was live-streamed online, available for any member to join via their PC, smartphone, or tablet, while several local associations throughout the state also hosted members at their offices.

We’re proud to report that the Board of Directors meeting that afternoon was the largest attended fall board meeting since the WBA was restructured, and recent feedback survey results showed that an overwhelming majority of our members enjoyed the virtual atmosphere and the reduced or eliminated travel times!

Given the enthusiastic response to this new format, the WBA will be hosting two Virtual Member Meeting Days in 2018, on April 11th and October 11th. We feel this will help save members time and increase participation while still striking a balance with in-person meeting days that are tied to other major WBA events (the President’s Installation Dinner in January and the WB Foundation Annual Golf Outing in July).

In the meantime, we’re making adjustments so that the next Virtual Member Meeting Day will be even better, including improving virtual discussion, the voting process, and any audio issues.

As a reminder, WBA Virtual Member Meeting Days can be attended in-person at the Pyle Center in Madison, at a participating local association office, or individually by PC, smartphone, or tablet. We’re looking forward to going virtual again in 2018!