When I was writing this article for Oklahoma Builders magazine, I recalled a conversation with an old friend about the logic and wisdom of his wheat farming grandfather. He was legendary for his one-liners that cut to the chase. He said, “one monkey don’t make no show,” which means nobody does it by himself. I thought it was an appropriate quote for this article.

NAHB is our association, and it is founded on the local and state associations and each of the almost 125,000 members. With that said, the size of our current Board of Directors makes it impossible for us to be quick to react to change in an ever changing world. After many years of work there is a proposed leadership change that will be voted on at the January Board meeting In Orlando.

For those who have not seen or heard the proposed leadership change at a meeting, here is a breakdown of the changes to our current board structure: the Board will be split into three separate groups -- Senior Officer Team, Corporate Board and Leadership Council.

The Senior Officer Team will handle day-to-day management. The Corporate Board will be the primary governing body responsible for business operations. The Leadership Council will develop public policy positions, identify committees, work groups, task forces, advance housing profession (examining issues affecting the industry), elect the Director and identify the senior officers serving on the Corporate Board.

Committees, council, working group and task forces will be unchanged.

Once the new leadership structure is approved and phased in, those who are serving with a Director title will be changed to a Delegate and be part of the Leadership Council. Life or Senior Life Director title will become a Life or Senior Life Delegate. I would encourage all voting Directors to attend the Board meeting in Orlando in January and vote on this important matter.

In other news, we are moving forward with the testing of the new membership program. I will report more once we see how the program is progressing.
We anticipate rolling out the new Dues Hub system in several of the local HBAs and at the OSHBA. This program has proven to a very effective tool in improving membership retention; look for more details coming from your local HBA.

I will finish this article with a reminder about advocacy and how important it is. As Mike Means has said “if you don’t have a seat at the table you may be dinner.”

I’m happy to say that thanks to Build-Pac fueling our advocacy efforts, we have a seat at the table. A great example of this is recently President Trump signed an executive order regarding health care, and the person standing to the right of the President was our very own Randy Noel, 1st Vice Chairman of NAHB. This is just one example of many of our advocacy efforts. And it all starts with our Build-Pac efforts at home; you make it possible by contributing. So for those who have donated, thank you. And those who have not, I encourage you to do so today.

And as always be involved at local, state and national HBA. It makes a difference.

Tony Foust is State Rep to the NAHB. He can be contacted at tony@davincihomesok.com.