What is your usual reaction when you hear those words? Hang up the phone! Grab the kids and run! Or just think, boy, I should have seen this one coming!

But you know, sometimes it is real and you realize you have missed some great opportunities. Let’s look at some of the opportunities offered by your Oklahoma State Home Builders Association.

First is a great insurance program for your general liability, builders’ risk, and workers compensation through HUB International. Through the ongoing oversight afforded by our Insurance Committee, the program has literally saved our builders thousands from the over-the-counter market. Add in the additional Certified Professional Builder discount, and you could even save more money.

Next is our Member Rebate program. A simple sign-up and a simple claims process puts money back in your pockets. Too often we have heard that builders think they don’t build enough to qualify. The beauty of this program is that it pools the small builders so they qualify. More information is available on our website (www.oshba.org). The average builder in our program has received rebates of about a $1,000 per year. Look at that number again and you can say, ‘’yes, this paid for my membership.”

For the small business owner, whether you are a builder, a plumber, or a lighting company, we just inked an agreement with Shield Screening and their partner Neon Works, offering some really great HR benefits that will help your bottom line. Be sure to check out the inset story for more details.

Another great deal is our State Contracts and Warranty. More and more builders are beginning to take advantage of a state contract that is written for Oklahoma. Add to that a well-written warranty, then you are in pretty solid position.

Many people may contact you about certain services and you may have wondered where to send them. We’ve provided answers with an online buyers’ guide on our website! Every member is included, and we also sell space to other vendors. (Good prospects for membership recruiters?)

We have lately partnered with Snazzy Traveler for some excellent discounts on travel. While it may not save you a ton on air travel, it definitely offers some great discounts on hotels, car rentals, and travel packages. And your membership is free! Click on the banner ad on our website for more details or to sign up.

Lastly, we are providing a texting service to alert you in a more convenient method of news you need to know. Just text OSHBA to 95577 and you will be easily signed up.

Yes, membership has its benefits. There is so much more to your membership that I could share, but that is another deal!

Mike Means is executive vice president of OSHBA. He can be reached at mikem@oshba.org or at (405) 843-5579.