Bob Kucab and Gerald Kamp become latest inductees

Two distinguished individuals, Bob Kucab and Gerald Kamp, were recently inducted into the North Carolina Housing Hall of Fame at the North Carolina Home Builders Association’s 4th Quarter Meeting and Installation Ceremony held in Greensboro in December 2017.

The first inductee, Bob Kucab has made extraordinary contributions to housing during his 30-year tenure as Executive Director of the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. As the leader of that agency since 1987 until his retirement on December 31st, 2016 Kucab has been uniquely able to influence housing policy and development in North Carolina for more than three decades.

The numbers alone speak volumes about Kucab’s leadership. During his tenure, NCHFA financed more than $14 billion in real estate activity, supporting almost 200,000 jobs, generating $1.6 billion in tax revenue, ensuring safe, affordable housing for 231,000 families, and preventing foreclosures for another 30,000 families.

Because of Kucab’s hard work, more than 86,000 people have become new homeowners, 82,000 affordable apartment units have been produced, 4,300 disabled citizens have been housed, 36 domestic violence shelters have been constructed, and 31,000 owner-occupied homes have been repaired.

It takes a real leader to assemble this kind of impressive record. Kucab is an expert coalition-builder.

He has worked closely with numerous NCHBA leaders, past and present, including John Crosland, Mark Tipton, Bill Boyd, Travis Porter, Larry Summer, David Pressly, Charles Mullen, and Rick Judson, among many others.

Over his career, Kucab’s stewardship molded the NCHFA into a national leader and a model that other states have sought to emulate. This legacy continues today.

The second inductee, Gerald Kamp got started in the home building industry more than 40 years ago and soon started giving back to our industry. He was a charter member of the Hickory-Catawba Valley Home Builders Association in 1970 and very quickly became an indispensable part of that organization and, soon thereafter, the North Carolina Home Builders Association.

Kamp’s willingness to serve sets him apart. In ways big and small, he has always done whatever he could to advance the home building industry. Kamp has served three terms as president of the Hickory-Catawba Valley Home Builders Association. In fact, he has such an extensive record of service to the Hickory-Catawba Valley HBA that to list all of the committees, chairmanships, and other roles in which Kamp has served would take the rest of this article. Suffice it to say that Kamp has always replied with a “Yes” when asked to give of his time and talents. For his unrivaled record of service and his commitment to excellence, the Hickory-Catawba Valley HBA named the “Kamp Award” in Kamp’s honor. This award is presented annually to the local associate “member of the year.”

Kamp’s inclination to say “Yes” has also greatly benefitted NCHBA. He has contributed to, and led, numerous committees.

Beyond his service to these two organizations, Kamp’s impact on Hickory and the surrounding area has been unique and lasting. He has worked tirelessly to help hundreds of less fortunate, rural families achieve the dream of homeownership by securing Farmers Home Administration loans through the USDA. Kamp has also unselfishly helped other builders and subcontractors in all trades develop and grow their businesses. He has likewise committed to mentoring and educating students about careers in the construction trades.

Kamp leads by example. And his passion for service to our industry is second-to-none.