I’m honored to be serving you as the 2018 president of the North Carolina Home Builders Association. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a good number of you. And I can say that I’ve never met a group of professionals more passionate, hard-working and optimistic. That doesn’t come as a surprise. I think as builders, associates and affiliates, we all understand the critical importance of housing – what it means to the health of a family and to the prosperity of our communities. Day-to-day we all operate businesses, but what truly motivates us to put in the long hours and face the challenges in our industry is that what we do makes a difference in the lives of people.

We have a high calling in life – not just to provide for our own families – but to support the foundations of other families. That’s how much a home means.

This calling distinguishes us from those we sometimes compete with who provide substandard, ill-informed work that short-changes homeowners and leaves them stuck. We’ll all heard the stories. It’s frustrating. That’s why we commit to a higher level of professionalism.

In February, the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) took an important step. The board overwhelmingly approved a resolution to seek legislative action in the 2019 Session of the General Assembly to require a minimal amount of continuing education for all general contractors in North Carolina. Personally, I am excited about this.

A statewide standard for a minimum amount of continuing education for general contractors would help you, me, our industry and homeowners.

After all, the pace of change in our industry is greater than it has ever been. When I started building homes, the products and methods didn’t change much year-to-year. However, today new products, housing shortages, increased risk potential and the internet have all converged to create a dynamic and challenging environment.

Our industry needs protection from those who do substandard work because they lack up-to-date education. Moreover, builders, remodelers and repair contractors need protection from the liability that arises from mistakes made due to the ever-changing rules, regulations and building practices that you may not even know about due to a lack of exposure to them.

In my opinion, I don’t believe that I’m as good now as I’ll ever be. I simply can’t learn all that I need to know to remain competitive, relevant and profitable through job-site experiences.

To protect our livelihood and to protect all that a home means to families and communities, I know this is absolutely the right step to take. And we’re going to take it together. There is still plenty of time to have robust, healthy discussions about what should be required to make continuing education as beneficial and flexible as possible. For questions about this or other concerns, you may contact me at president@nchba.org.

I’m looking forward to a memorable year ahead. Together, we’ll lead, learn and continue to serve our communities.